Since 1972, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled thousands of products that fail to perform as advertised or that may be dangerous. Yet, most defective products escape government oversight or regulation. Consumers who were sold defective products need experienced and talented class action counsel to uphold their legal rights against negligent manufacturers and sellers.

Kitner Woodward PLLC lawyers have extensive experience investigating and prosecuting defective product cases, including class actions against manufacturers of consumer appliances and pharmaceuticals. For example, our lawyers helped settle a nationwide class action against Sears Roebuck & Co. on behalf of a class of almost four million customers. That agreement represented a landmark settlement of a consumer class action case in which Sears agreed to install brackets to prevent its freestanding electric and gas ranges from tipping and causing severe injuries. This settlement accomplished what the Consumer Product Safety Commission had failed to do for over twenty years.

If you bought a defective product and believe you may have a case against the company that made or sold it, contact us for a free consultation.