Our lawyers are experienced in helping consumers take on big corporations in class action cases

The bad conduct of big business affects millions of people each year. Deceptive business practices and defective products can cause financial loss, frustration, and injury.

Consumers often feel it is useless to fight back. How can an ordinary consumer go up against a multi-million dollar corporation and win? 

Kitner Woodward PLLC is a full-service litigation firm specializing in class action lawsuits. Our lawyers have over 25 years of litigation experience fighting for consumers against some of the biggest corporations in America.

  • Insurance Fraud and Consumer Fraud. Americans are working harder than ever to use their money wisely. We need companies to give us complete and truthful information when we buy their products or sign up for their services. When financial institutions take advantage of consumers, or when insurance companies deny coverage or inflate premiums, a class action is often the only way for a consumer to fight back. Our lawyers have a long history of bringing class action lawsuits against insurance companies and financial institutions on behalf of consumers.
  • Securities Litigation. If a company inflates its stock price by failing to provide proper disclosures, makes misleading representations to analysts, or gives false information to shareholders, a class action is the best way for investors to recover their losses. Our lawyers have years of experience prosecuting securities class actions against publicly traded corporations.
  • Defective Products. If a company makes and sells a product that doesn’t work like it should, a class action can be an effective way to get compensation or force the company to correct the problem. Our lawyers have achieved strong results in class actions involving defective products.

A class action lawsuit is a complex and lengthy process, and professional and experienced representation is essential. If you believe you have a case, or you would like information about joining an existing class action lawsuit, contact Kitner Woodward PLLC to learn your options.